Request ID: 9105-1
Start/End Dates: 05/24/2021 - 05/23/2022 - 1 Year Contract
Tax Work Location: US - CA - Sunnyvale (must be available to be ONSITE in the office starting Fall of 2021)
Job Title: Quality Assurance - QA Analyst II

Job Description: Responsibilities
• Rework and Repair
o Assess condition of returned prototype units and confirm failure mode
o Run the prototype unit through a prescribed set of functional tests depending on reported defect, and perform failure analysis to determine root cause
o Strategically disassemble the unit, guided by SOPs, and perform a visual inspection of systems that might be related to the failure symptom
o Perform component/module exchanges to isolate the failure
o Document the work performed on each unit in a thorough, consistent manner

• Prototype Assembly
o Flash and calibration operation following SOPs for testing equipment
o Run software scripts and basic commands using the command line of Linex, Mac, and PC platforms
o Interrogation of test scripts in Python, and Android Device Bridge (ADB)
o Strong written and verbal communication skills required for documenting
o Failure Analysis
o Quality variations/anomolies
o Solution proposals and repairs
o Assembly/operating instructions (SOPs)
o Provide solutions to teams with electrical and software troubleshooting and repair
o Assist with scaled prototype assembly and small pre-production units in varying numbers.

• General Skills
o Adapt to a daily changing statement of work
o Prioritize and balance multiple tasks to complete a given statement of work
o Reach out to responsible design engineers for troubleshooting, clarification, and feedback
o Willingness to propose and implement process improvements to increase production efficiency
o Proficient use of text, photos, and videos to clearly convey assembly processes to others with close attention paid to spelling and grammar to ensure findings are accurately communicated to others within the organization
o Seek feedback for continuous improvement

Minimum Qualifications
• Past prototype or assembly line experience, particularly in small electronics or devices
• Familiarity with QC and troubleshooting processes to isolate failures within test and device software/firmware
• Proficient with Linux, Mac, and Windows OS and command line languages

Preferred Qualifications
• Computer programing experience
• Electrical troubleshooting experience
• Past experience troubleshooting and testing prototypes and VR hardware