Request ID: 37848
Duration: 6 months (potential for extension or permanent placement)
Location: US - WA - Seattle or Approved Meta Remote Locations: New York, NY, Baltimore, MD, Boston, MA, Houston, TX , Los Angeles, CA , and San Diego, CA.

Job Title: Content Operations - Taxonomist IV

Job Description:

The main function of a Taxonomist is to create a product taxonomy with detailed attributes that will help sellers create the most effective listings, help buyers find what they're looking for, and help everyone have the very best experience using Marketplace.

Job Responsibilities:

• Create and own the product taxonomy strategy for Facebook Marketplace
• Coordinate and build alignment with teams and stakeholders across Facebook's family of apps and service to optimize for consistency and interoperability
• Develop, manage, maintain, and iterate on a unified taxonomy for all of the products that can be bought and sold on Facebook Marketplace
• Build out categories and custom collections of products that power features like recommendations, similar items, merchandising themes, and more
• Manage, maintain, and iterate on product attributes that power ranking models, structured content, faceted search, product comparisons, and more
• Make recommendations about ongoing taxonomy management as well as product strategies and features that rely on taxonomy
• Create labels and other interface language that are consistent with Facebook's voice, content standards, and that can scale appropriately for internationalization needs
• Take broad, conceptual ideas and turn them into useful and valuable product experiences
• Contribute to high-level strategic decisions with the rest of the product and executive teams
• Partner with PMs, engineers, product designers, researchers, and content strategists to oversee the user experience of a product from conception until launch


• Expert ability to use taxonomy management systems to maintain categories, attributes, and other metadata
• Expert ability to move fast and work with cross-functional teams on big, ambiguous problems
• Expert ability to think at a high level about product strategy and vision
• Expert ability to build alignment amongst distributed stakeholders
• Experience in building and shipping taxonomies and related features for e-commerce web sites, apps, or software
• Experience with E-commerce taxonomy work


• Bachelor's degree in related field or equivalent training required