Request ID: 10813-1
Start/End Dates: 07/05/2021 - 07/04/2022
Tax Work Location: USA - Utah- Eagle Mountain Data Center
Job Title: Business Operations - Exception Template

Job Description: QA/QC Program Engineer


-Develop and monitor quality program metrics to evaluate projects performance.
-Analyze metrics to understand the root cause of any disconcerting trends and then work with the applicable parties to correct those items.
-Assist with development of on-site partner construction QA and QC team.
-Assist with development of QA/QC processes and standards to enable efficiency and effectiveness and assist with cross functional communications.
-Interface between design, construction, and facility operations as well as general contractor(s).
-Provide training to personnel regarding awareness of quality procedures and specific responsibilities in the QA/QC process.
-Coordinate quality issues between design, construction and facility operations teams.
-Audit QA/QC activities of staff and subcontractors as often as necessary to assess conformance with the QA/QC procedures.
-Examine all submittals (in particular ,mechanical, engineering and plumbing (MEP) submittals) for quality assurance and provide comments to ensure all documents are compliant. Perform quality engineering reviews of design documentation for compliance with stated requirements, including vendor quality manuals and company quality records.
-Develop, review and approve, if required, levels one (1), two (2), three (3), four (4), and five (5) related to product and process quality such as construction quality procedures (“CQPs”) and checklists, technical deliverables, and test procedures and plans.
-Recommend and verify effective implementation of corrective and preventive actions for project non conformances and quality issues, in coordination with project and quality management, design, engineering, construction and other functional disciplines.
-Review commissioning agent level four (4) and five (5) commissioning scripts and provide feedback.
-Assist construction manager in review of turnover documentation package for completeness and accuracy.
-Assist construction manager in review of level three (3), four (4), and five (5) energization, start-up, and commissioning schedules and help ensure compliance to it.
-Help drive closure to open issues in BIM360 and escalate any outstanding open items not getting closed out in a timely manner.
-Attend factory witness tests (“FWTs”) as required for owner furnished contractor installed (“OFCI”) and contractor furnished contractor installed (“CFCI”) equipment and systems.
-Provide an onsite visual inspection and/or observation for construction quality control of OFCI and CFCI equipment and systems. This site acceptance inspection will be documented in BIM360.
-Assist in confirming that Level two (2) and level three (3) testing documentation is properly completed and retained.
-Provide assistance in reviewing installed labeling, signage and tagging.
-Assist in development of project specific QA/QC dashboards, equipment tracking matrices, and semi-annual QA/QC deep dive / presentations.
-Attend required construction meetings such as the weekly project and monthly global QA/QC meeting, MEP/owner architect contractor (OAC) weekly meetings, and daily start-up and commissioning meetings .

Minimum Qualifications

-5+ years’ experience in quality control & quality assurance (QA/QC) programs for data centers or mission critical construction projects.
-Experience with Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build construction programs.
-Experience in civil/structural, building envelope, mechanical, electrical, and I&C disciplines.
-Experience leading QA/QC and Cx programs.
-Experience in contractor, consultant and vendor management.
-Experience in mission critical power and cooling infrastructure or other critical systems, and the ability to apply that experience to current data center challenges.

Release Comments:
- Will be working on equipment construction quality.
- Ideal backgrounds include commissioning or construction management.
- Core knowledge of mechanical/electrical industry required.
- Will be working on a supportive and high collaboration team with flexible work schedule .
- Fast paced and leading edge data center program that will be involved in groundbreaking projects. This will provide new experience to the contractor in the data center community.
-Team dynamic is hands on and will be able to develop direct relationships with the team.