Request ID: 21502-1
Job Title: Content Operations - Content Curator II
Location: MPK/NYC/LA-preference - Open to All FB locations in U.S though
Duration: Through the end of March 2022, potential to extend

The team is looking for someone with generally a pulse on what is happening throughout the internet. Understand short term video trends, understand general conversations happening online. Curators are responsible for trend spotting. Communicating those to the team and keeping an eye on them as they continue grow. Then identifying those that are really driving those trends and then pass influential creators over to Cross functional teams to elevate the trend. Working within the trend space. The CW's have been involved in general creator sourcing. Having deep knowledge of creator space in short form video especially on reels. Having a great outlook on who might be a rising star. Being able to differentiate what makes for a great reels creator opposed to previous popularity. Being super youth minded what creators are making and doing in that space.

Through that they pass along to partnerships to increase managed partner space.

Help cross functional partners to help source really great talent to

Someone who has had digital online media experience. Anyone who has experience from a digital media space. This person doesn't need to have so much experience but really a general interest and knowledge in this curation space. Somebody still in school might even be a fit with the right knowledge.

A deep understanding of Instagram, understanding the difference of reels and short form videos and what Instagram has been historically.

Talking about tiktok.

Have an idea of what is happening online. What is happening in short form video ecosystems.

The strongest candidates to date have been avid scrollers and can relay trends, etc.

The main function of a content curator is to surface the best content and conversations on a platform. The typical curator will have excellent editorial judgment, a strong command of social media and a demonstrated understanding of short-form video, gen-z culture, and how they inform social conversations.

Job Responsibilities:

• Curate best-in-class content, including trend-setting short-form video content from a diverse set of creators, brands, and partners
• Identify cultural trends and moments across a diverse spectrum of topics
• Source editorially strong, youthful short-form video creators
• Brainstorm strategy and editorial plans for major events and cultural moments
• Collaborate with our product teams to improve user experience
• Have the ability to work some weekend shifts as needed

• Experience in journalism, social media, and/or digital media
• Knowledge of short-form content, creators, and trends across platforms
• Excellent communication skills, verbal and written.