Request ID: 34496-1
Contract Duration: 6+ months - Option to extend up to 2 years.
Work Location: US - CA - Los Angeles REMOTE
Job Title: Content Operations - Content Curator II

Job Description: Summary

Gain experience working as a Contingent Worker on a project for a Fortune 100 company. Full-time position as a W-2 employee of Vettanna with benefits including 3 weeks PTO/yr based on accrual, 401K availability, 50% health/vision/dental, Remote work.

The main function of a content specialist is to aid in surfacing the best content and conversations on the platform. The typical content specialist will have excellent editorial judgment, a strong command of social media and short-form video trends, and understand how both inform cultural conversations.

Job Responsibilities:

• Curate best-in-class content, including entertainment and short-form video content from a diverse set of creators
• Identify cultural trends across a diverse spectrum of topics
• Develop strategy and create plans for events and cultural moments
• Collaborate with our product teams to improve user experience
• Have the ability to work an extended schedule as news and cultural events require, including Saturday and Sundays on an extended basis

• Experience in video – short-form video and/or social video a plus
• Knowledge in internet culture; cultural trends
• Excellent data and content analysis skills
• Excellent communication skills, verbal and written

Minimum Qualifications:
--BA/BS degree or 2+ years of equivalent editorial experience, including experience in short form video, content analysis, or content strategy
--Experience in recognizing compelling content with a high potential to engage users
--Experience with social media / internet culture

Remote work with team in Bay Area/ NY/ LA. Allowed remote locations include New York City, Boston, Los Angeles (Max rate: $43.75) Baltimore, Houston, San Diego (Max rate: $36.75)

*** Must complete questionnaire for consideration ***

1. What's a short-form video you recently saw that made you laugh out loud and share it with a friend?

2. What did the creator of the video do to successfully entertain you?

3. How do music and pop culture inspire cultural memes? Describe a recent cultural meme that you found funny.

4. How do teens influence popular culture today?

5. How do you learn about the culture that teens are making today online?

6. What is one of the trends on Instagram that you noticed in 2022? Provide links to examples that illustrate this trend.

7. What community does the trend speak to? How did this trend replicate over and over?

8. What are you most proud of accomplishing in your last role?

9. What part did you play in the project?

10. Explain your process and strategies for working autonomously, as well as collaboratively with others?