Job Description:

  1. Architecting test automation solutions
  2. Working with AR/VR Quality leadership and automation infrastructure to determine solutions to challenges and best practices
  3. Building and extending infrastructure
  4. Writing automated test cases within existing automation infrastructure
  5. Writing scripts to assist manual QA
  6. Investigating automation failures
  7. Reporting and tracking bugs found by automation
  8. Modifying existing automation to fix automation errors and yield higher signal

Top non-negotibale must haves for the position - please do not apply unless you have this experience:

  1. Unity and Unreal Engine experience
  2. App developers on Unity and Unreal
  3. Experience of at least 5 years in these areas


  1. Ability to effectively coordinate multiple efforts simultaneously.
  2. Ability to ruthlessly prioritize tasks to ensure high-level team goals are accomplished
  3. Experience developing Unity apps in VR
  4. Proficiency in Python, C#, and one or more of the following languages:
  1. Java
  2. Javascript
  3. PHP or Hack
  4. SQL
  5. Ability to work independently or as part of a team
  6. Strong deductive reasoning
  7. Strong understanding of the software development process
  8. Excellent communication skills


Bachelor's degree in a computer-related field and 2+ years experience in a coding-related role


Bachelor's degree in any field with formal coding training and 4+ years experience in a coding-related role

***This is a 7+ mo contract role.