Request ID: 12469-1
Start/End Dates: 08/30/2021 - 08/29/2022
Tax Work Location: US - NY - New York
Job Title: Corporate Communications & Public Policy - Communications Manager III

Culture Media Relations Role on the Instagram Consumer Communications Team

Call outs:

NY top choice, LA is next, other CA FB office locations if needed.
Flexible on education and will take 3 + years or experience

- Backgrounds: PR, Agency work, in-house comms, social editor, social media, overall a professional in regard to the JD.
- Pitching PR machine
- Cares about diversity culture and communications. Will help promote diversity overall, example being pride month, cultures, etc.
- Knows how to pitch, has created, or understands media relationships and jump right into the work.
- Understands GEN Z culture, fun trends, and why things go viral.
- Can show results of work to the team
- Identify trends, pitch and help create trends and ideas.
- Understands niche culture over and help with FB reels to show it is a great platform.
- Background working in diversity and culture media roles

Job Description

- Work with Instagram Consumer Comms team to support culture media relations through proactive press strategies and storytelling around cultural trends/movements and diverse creators
- Develop and maintain pitch calendar, in collaboration with PR agency
- Drive consistent coverage on digital, social, broadcast, and diverse media around key Instagram moments in culture, trends and creators
- Develop integrated global campaigns inspired by the cultural movements and moments happening on Instagram that bring together creators and publishers, and drive press coverage
- Seek out and analyze data for creative proactive storytelling
- Build and manage deep relationships with non-managed creators, diverse outlets, lifestyle publications, and new media outlets that reach diverse audiences and drive coverage
- Develop and write a wide range of communications materials including press plans, pitches, blog posts, reactive statements, and briefing materials
- Prepare and train spokespeople as needed and staff press briefings
- Lead and support logistics, planning, execution of key Instagram events (virtual and IRL)
- Collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders to create integrated comms moments across culture, diverse creators and publishers, beauty, etc