Request ID: 34927
: 12 months ( Potential for extension or permanent placement )
: US - CA - Menlo Park or Approved Meta Remote Locations: Baltimore, MD, Boston, MA, Houston, TX , Los Angeles, CA, and San Diego, CA

Job Title: Content Operations - Content Strategist III / UX Content Designer

Job Description
The main function of a content strategist is to partner with designers, product managers, researchers and product marketers to plan and create the content for products.

Job Responsibilities
• Plan, write, edit, test and improve content including interface language, product education materials, product names, navigational nomenclature.
• Help apply and maintain consistency with content standards and evolve the company’s voice.
• Collaborate with designers, researchers, product managers, product marketers and engineers to serve a global content audience.
• Promote content strategy at Facebook and in the broader community of design and content professionals.
• Share work and give feedback to teammates.
• Have the ability to work an extended schedule as news and cultural events require, including Saturday and Sundays on an extended basis


  • UX Content design experience preferred ( qualified Candidates will be asked to submit UX writing samples )
  • •Ability to work independently.
  • • Ability to interpret, analyze and evaluate given information relative to content techniques.
    • Self motivated with persuasive, enthusiastic and customer service oriented personality.
    • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written


• Bachelors degree required.

Specific to this role:

Message Marketing content designer
Vision: We believe in a future where messaging is the most powerful and valuable way to market a business. With the power of paid messaging tools in Meta Business Suite, businesses will be able to proactively engage their prospective and existing customers in more engaging, personalized ways and achieve more outcomes as a result. End customers enjoy receiving messages from their favorite businesses across Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger because they have complete control over the experience and communications are always always useful and never spammy. Meta’s paid messaging tools are a necessity for growing a business and our tools are a delight to use.

We're building campaign tools that help businesses create one-to-many communications targeting specific segments of customers. We're developing automation solutions that generate one-to-one communications based on specific customer behaviors or actions. We're also building platform solutions that maintain and governs integrity around customer data, including appropriate consent and context that enables both campaign tools and personalized automations.