Request ID: 36129
6 months (potential for extension or permanent placement)
US - WA - Bellevue

Job Title: Content Operations - Content Strategist V

Job Description:

Msys is the messaging fabric for the Metaverse. It started off as Project Lightspeed which was revolutionary given that it replaced the guts of a product that was used by billions of users across the globe. Having proven itself on one of the largest communication platforms on the planet, msys is evolving to power communications not just in messenger but across all the family of apps and devices and as a logical next step powering communication in the Metaverse.
Msys powers not just open communication but also end-to-end-encrypted (e2ee) communication and thus is foundational to the world of private communication and is used by the largest apps on the planet (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger) and more.

What we are looking for

* 3+ years of experience authoring complex technical documentation for an engineering audience
* Experience with creating SDK documentation for a technical audience, including code samples
* Experience working with markdown content formatting
* Experience interpreting example code so that it can be explained to users
* Experience using source control to manage and publish content
* Established record of project ownership, project management, and self-direction
* Bonus: We would like this engineer to do a bit of coding to understand the platform and to get a basic integration off the ground. Having some basic programming background in Java/iOS would be an added advantage.


* Create SDK documentation and related development materials
* Work closely with the engineering teams to ensure quality and accuracy of content. This includes updating code samples and sample applications as needed.
* Design, draft, and edit technical and process documentation and sample code
* Support materials targeting multiple programming languages and development platforms