Request ID: 27263-1
12 months (potential for extension or permanent placement)
Work Location:
US - WA - Redmond

Job Title: Computer Vision & Optical Engineering - Optical Engineer IV

Job Description:

The main function of a optical Engineer is to develop new concepts and technologies for next generation Near-Eye Displays (NEDs), projectors, cameras and sensors including integrated optics, structured light, depth sensing, polarization optics, and optical system design.

Job Responsibilities:

• Work with a small team of optical scientists in developing imaging systems for AR and VR applications.
• Layout, build, and bring up optical systems.
• Implement hardware/optical test equipment design and test software.
• Modify and interface commercial instruments with optical modules to enable automated metrology data collection.
• Collect and analyze testing data using statistical analysis.
• Handle, clean, and catalogue optical components.

Required Qualifications:

•BS degree in Optical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or a related technical discipline with 3+ years of experience; or Master’s degree in Optical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or a related technical discipline with 1+ years of experience or equivalent experience.
•Hands-on experience in optical instrumentation development from concept to benchtop system validation.
•Familiarity with imaging optics, image quality metrics, optical metrology and characterization.
•Previous training of optical laboratory, including handling/cleaning optics, laser safety, etc.
•Abilities to summarize experimental results through visualization and documentation.

Preferred Qualifications:

•Familiarity with display panel technologies.
•Familiarity with light source technologies.
•Experience with automation programming in a laboratory setting (instrument interface, motion control, image acquisition, data collection and analysis) using LabVIEW, MATLAB, or Python.
•Experience with configuring and operating commercial metrology systems, e.g. Zygo systems, Trioptics systems, UV-VIS spectrometers, etc.
•Experience with statistical data analysis and measurement uncertainty analysis.
•Experience with opto-mechanical design and simulation using SolidWorks, NX, etc.
•Experience with optical design and simulation using Code V, LightTools, FRED, etc.
•Experience with specialty optics, e.g. polarization optics, diffractive optics, etc.